The History and Story of Chango

The story of how I became Chango is a simple one.......

When I first moved to Lake Tahoe in 1993, I would stop by the restaurant my brother worked at fairly often. I worked nearby. One day, after visiting my brother, he asked our friend Jose, "Where did Sean go?" Jose laughed and said, "CHANGO!" From that day forward, the nickname grew and grew. When I attempted to pick a DJ name, nothing would stick. People would ask, "Who is DJing tonight?" The response would often be the same, "Chango is DJing tonight."

That was many years and thousands of shows ago. 

I started DJing for fun. Part of that fun back then was spending many hours in record stores, getting to know the people who worked there and selecting vinyl to buy for my sets. It was a hobby, but a hobby that I felt an identity with. I have always been an aficionado of music collecting, since I was very young.

Some time after I started DJing and after I had DJ'd many clubs, late night parties and festivals, I realized I had found my musical niche. I played a few friends weddings and I really started enjoying being a part of people's big days. 

It wasn't until recently that I began marketing myself as a wedding dj. I have a few years of weddings under my belt. I love being married and my wedding day was one of the most fantastic days of my life. I enjoy being a part of peoples' big day. It is important to me to deliver EXACTLY what they are expecting out of a wedding DJ.