• Sean "Chango" O'Brien

What do DJs do on their days off?

Hi Everyone,

My name is Sean O'Brien, aka Chango. Have you ever wondered where I got my name from? Well, it's pretty simple. 25 years ago, my brother asked a friend, "Where did 'Sean-go'?" The friend hysterically replied with, "CHANGO". Every time I went into my brothers work afterwards, the entire kitchen crew would cheer "CHANGO".

So what do I do on my days off? Wait a second, what is a day off? I work for myself, so those are very few and far between. My work and lifestyle does afford me plenty of time to hang out with my kids, my dogs, snowboard in the wintertime and sit on the beach in the summertime. I feel very fortunate to live the life I do every day.

Thanks for stopping by and considering me for your next event. Whether you need a DJ or full event production, I have you covered! Call me or email to talk about your vision!

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